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Public Health Workers Trained In Infection Prevention And Control

The Ministry of Health, World Health Organization in partnership with the Infectious Diseases Institute has trained health workers in Kiryandongo district on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC). The 5 days training which started on Monday April 29,2019 and ended on Friday May 03, 2019 is a preparedness activity by World Health Organisation in 22 high risk and refugee hosting districts following an Ebola virus outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo.

258 Million Shillings Nusaf 3 Labour Intensive Roads Launched

Authorities in Kiryandongo district have launched 12.1 kilometers road network in two watersheds under the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF 3) in Masindi Port and Kiryandongo sub-counties.
The roads launched are 4.5 Km Diika-Kihuura in Siriba watershed at 78 million shillings, 3.5 Km Kaduku I-Kyakuhaire at 90 million shillings in Kinyonga-Kaduku watershed and 4.1 Km Kaduku II-Kaduku hill community access roads.

Farmers Receive Exotic Pigs For Breeding

Live stock farmers in Kiryandongo district have received 70 combrough pigs for breeding under Operation Wealth Creation. The 70 pigs which include 14 males and 56 females were distributed in a ratio of 1 boar to 4 gilts among 14 capable and interested breeders each getting five pigs.
The criteria of selecting the farmers was based on how prepared and ready the beneficiaries were and were later trained on how to manage the combrough breed.

Ensure Value For Money, LCV Tells Contractors

The LCV Chairman Kiryandongo district has called upon the contractors to observe the bills of quantity and deliver quality works upon completion so as to ensure value for money. “The contractor, Pioneer Construction Limited; from the foundation to the finishing, it is not easy to maintain one contractor. The first floor was wonderful and it is from that background we said that if all is possible, Pioneer Construction Limited must do the finishing. The district has injected in a lot of money and therefore there must be value for money.” Charles Ntairehoki said.

Take Good Care Of The Heifers, Farmers Advised

The Resident District Commissioner Kiryandongo, Peter Debele has asked the beneficiaries of OWC heifers to take good care of the cows they have received from government so as to ensure their productivity.
While handing over 21 heifers to 21 beneficiaries from different sub-counties and town councils on 18/04/2019 at RDC’s boardroom, Peter Debele said the criteria of identifying the beneficiaries was not based on political parties but rather the capacity to manage the cows when received.

10% On Land Sale Is Illegal, RDC Warns L.C.1 Chairpersons

The resident district commissioner Kiryandongo Peter Debele has warned the local councils against charging 10% on land sales which has led to an increase in land cases.
The RDC said that during a community sensitization meeting held at Katamarwa primary school in Kigumba sub-county on February 15, 2019. The meeting aimed at sensitizing the community about the Uganda Multi-sectoral Food and Nutrition Project which is funded by world bank so as to reduce mal-nutrition among the children.

Kiryandongo Benefits From Solar Powered Mini-Piped Water Schemes

The Ministry of Water and Environment has setup solar powered mini-piped water schemes in rural trading centers of Kiryandongo district.
The project which is funded by African Development Bank and directly implemented by the Ministry of Water and Environment is aimed at increasing access to clean water and reducing congestion at the boreholes in trading centers with concentrated community.
Two rural trading centers in Kiryandongo have benefitted from this project with Kalwara being the first and Apodorwa trading centre.

Stop Stigmatising Yourselves, Rdc Tells People With Disabilities

The resident district commissioner Kiryandongo Peter Debele has asked people with disabilities to stop stigmatizing themselves.
While addressing the masses gathered at Kiryandongo C.O.U play grounds on 18th December to commemorate the international day of people with disabilities, Peter Debele said people with disabilities have always stigmatized themselves when it comes to accessing services from government.