Use The Set Infrastructure To Get Out Of Poverty, Rdc Urges Community

The RDC Kiryandongo, Dan Muganga has urged the community of Kinyara II village in Kigumba subcounty to use the infrastructure put in place by government to get out of poverty. Muganga made the urge Friday August 5, 2022 during the launch of 3.88 billion infrastructure projects within the District funded under Development Response to Displacement impact Project-DRDIP. Muganga said that the infrastructure established by government are enablers of development which the people should take use of.

The projects launched include construction of two classroom blocks with 3 blocks of 5 stance VIP latrines at Kifuruta Primary school by Ssekago F Construction Limited,15.1 KMs Kigumba-Kiigya-Kinyara-Masindi port road by Tic Lokere Enterprises Limited,11.3 KMs Siriba-Kalwala-Kiryampungura road by Tic Lokere Enterprises Limited,Doctor’s house at Panyadoli HCIV by Monaco contractors Limited,staff house at Panyadoli HCIII by SSESOM Limited and the 6.7 KMs Magamaga-Gaspa road by TEB Technical Services and Contractors Limited.

Muganga also cautioned the community against theft of fuel from the road equipment so as not to compromise the quality of road works by the contractors.

Edith Aliguma the District chairman Kiryandongo expressed her concern over the rising numbers of school dropouts and teenage pregnancies in Mboira subcounty which prompted the district authorities to prioritize Kifuruta primary school to benefit from DRDIP as an affirmative action. “Most children in Mboira sub county parent themselves and those in school pay for their own school fees and requirements. Those who fail to raise the fees eventually drop out.”said Aliguma during the launch of classroom construction at Kifuruta primary school.

The 3.88 billion projects launched are expected to be complete and ready for handover to the community in eight months.

Friday, August 5, 2022