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Kiryandongo district local council one and two chairpersons have received bicycles from government of Uganda to facilitate their movement while fulfilling their mandate. The chairpersons were handed over the bicycles on Tuesday November 22,2022 at Kiryandongo district headquarters.

While addressing the chairpersons, Martin Jacan Gwokto the Chief Administrative Officer cautioned them against the sale of government bicycles. “These bicycles are government property and given to office bearers not individuals, so they should be handed over when leaving office.” said Gwokto. Gwokto also asked the chairpersons to take care and maintain the bicycles.

Edith Aliguma the district chairman said that the bicycles will help the chairpersons to monitor and supervise the government projects in their areas of jurisdiction. Aliguma further asked the local council chairpersons to mobilize communities to send their children to school which will reduce on the rampant teenage pregnancies in the district.

During the same function, Dan Muganga the RDC asked the chairpersons to champion the fight against poverty in their villages by engaging in productive activities. Muganga also urged the chairpersons to always seek knowledge and information about different government programs so as they mobilize the communities to participate.

Tony Ondoga the DPC Kiryandongo police urged the chairpersons to be vigilant and curb the new vice in Wakisanyi trading center were boys are reportedly stoning buses along the Kampala-gulu highway with intent of causing accident so as they could loot. Ondoga further asked the chairpersons to identify the culprits so that they are prosecuted.

Kiryandongo district has 323 villages and 43 parishes but received only 235 bicycles which will be distributed to local councils with duly elected leaders.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022