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Kiryandongo Applauded For The Best DRDIP Implementation

Kiryandongo District Local Government has been applauded for exceptional performance in the implementation of the development response to displacement impact project in Uganda which has attracted other countries to benchmark.

The applaud was made by Dr. Robert Limlim the director of DRDIP in Uganda during a field visit in Kiryandongo with delegates from IGAD DRDIP implementing countries of Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia who were on a benchmarking mission in Uganda. He also urged the leadership of Kiryandongo to maintain the successes registered under DRDIP by allocating resources for maintenance of the established infrastructure instead of creating more new ones.

According to Edith Aliguma Adyeri the district chairman Kiryandongo, the approach of DRDIP has changed the negative attitude of the people and empowered the communities for resilience. Aliguma noted that unlike other government interventions to improve the livelihoods of the people for example youth livelihood fund and UWEP which vanished in thin air, DRDIP funds have created an impact on the people as a result of numerous trainings.

Aliguma further noted that DRDIP infrastructure component has helped the district to address the refugee pressure exerted on social services such as schools and health facilities.

Charles Kiirya one of the beneficiaries under DRDIP livelihood component called upon the director through the district leadership to procure tractors for farmers so as to boost agricultural production for reliable maize grain supply to the milling machine. Kiirya added that DRDIP has funded.

Dan Muganga the RDC Kiryandongo said the school infrastructure constructed under DRDIP has increased on school enrolment and this will help address the challenge of school dropouts which the district is grappling with. Muganga asked the director to increase DRDIP funding for Kiryandongo since the district has exhibited good performance in implementation.

Kiryandongo district has received 34.5 billion shillings to implement DRDIP sub projects since 2018. Sam Kakumba the DRDIP desk officer Kiryandongo said the accountability of the funds disbursed to the district is at 66.17% attributing it to unspent balance of 8.3 billion which has just been received to develop infrastructure.

Sunday, July 3, 2022