Stop Stigmatising Yourselves, Rdc Tells People With Disabilities

The resident district commissioner Kiryandongo Peter Debele has asked people with disabilities to stop stigmatizing themselves.
While addressing the masses gathered at Kiryandongo C.O.U play grounds on 18th December to commemorate the international day of people with disabilities, Peter Debele said people with disabilities have always stigmatized themselves when it comes to accessing services from government.
He added that people with disabilities are like any other persons and deserve equal treatment during service delivery since they also pay same taxes without any concession as people with disabilities. “you people with disabilities, some of you cause stigma and discrimination against yourselves. When government programs come like giving out heifers, UWEP, NUSAF; you people want special things for yourselves and that is causing stigma to yourselves.” Debele said. He asked the people with disabilities to always join the rest and be there when services are being delivered to the people. “There are certain things which can come to you and there are some which you must fight together with this normal person; for me I don’t think you are abnormal, you are normal. If it is UWEP and you are women, you join them, if it is NUSAF and you are in the watershed, you be there, those are government programs.” Said Debele.
Debele warned the people taking advantage of people with disabilities by defiling and raping them and promised to follow up on the cases registered.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018