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Lcv Chairperson Appeals For Reproductive Health

Kiryandongo district chairperson Edith Aliguma Adyeri has called upon the community to always seek reproductive health from qualified health workers at recognized health facilities so as to avoid the likely side effects resulting from self-prescription. Aliguma made the appeal while officiating at the District Family Planning multi-sectoral working group meeting organized in partnership with the national population council and USAID Uganda Family Planning Activity on March 18, 2022 at Max hotel in Kiryandongo town.

Aliguma emphasized that family planning is a multi-stakeholder responsibility to ensure a quality population in the district and thanked the religious and cultural leaders towards their commitment towards service delivery and improvement of the wellbeing of their masses.

According to the budget study carried out in Kiryandongo district by Faith for Family Health Initiative to obtain,ascertain,analyze,compile and present data on matters pertaining budgetary allocation for family planning; of the estimated 322,300 people living in the district, 99% women and men are aware about family planning, there is unmet need of 20%,maternal mortality rate is at 190 per 100,000 births, infant mortality rate at 20 per 1000 live births, modern contraceptive use at 6% while the estimate fertility rate stands at 6.7 children per woman.

It is against those findings that the district chairperson called upon all the people in the reproductive ages to embrace modern contraceptives so as to ensure a quality population in Kiryandongo.

Friday, March 18, 2022