Lcv Chairman Applauds Community Participation In Planning

The LCV chairman Kiryandongo Charles Ntairehoki Amooti has applauded the people of Kaduku I village for turning up during community planning meetings of their area. This was during his monitoring of Kaduku-Kizibu road which was undergoing routine mechanized maintenance.
While addressing the people of Kaduku I, Ntairehoki urged them to always monitor government programs and raise issues of concern if any so as to ensure effective service delivery. He added that community planning meetings are key in the development since they help in identifying priority areas of a given place. “It is very impressing when leaders call you for a meeting and you turn up; it demoralizes when leaders call people for the4 meeting and they don’t turn up and this gives them an excuse for not holding community meetings.” Said Ntairehoki.
Emmanuel Niyonzima the superintendent of works called upon the community to provide murram since the district had no funds allocated for buying it.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019