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Land Inquiry Commission Visits Kiryandongo

The commission of land inquiry has visited Kiryandongo District for fact finding so as to establish and verify complaints related to land in Kiryandongo.

Commissioner Mary Adock Achan says the commission has 34 cases filed against public offices, Ministries and agencies such as the Uganda wildlife Authority. Private companies such as Kiryandongo sugar and Mukwano group of companies have also been complained about by different individuals in Kiryandongo district. Achan noted that the commission has registered 6100 land complaints but only 1000 have been handled at the moment but hopeful that all complaints will be addressed. More complaints related to land can be submitted by email to .

George Bagonza Tinkamanyire, a commissioner says that the biggest challenge African countries are facing is treating investments and development as paramount at the expense of the native communities. George sights an example of south Africa where investors are referred to as strategic partners who ought to ensure peaceful coexistence with the native communities in which they are investing. He adds that displaced people pose a big threat to investments given the fact that investments need friendly neighbors.

He further called upon the district leaders to negotiate with the investors and government for a Resettlement Action Plan. Resettled people should be involved and made part of the developments so as to make them feel the ownership and importance to the community.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018