Kiryandongo District is set to benefit from the 280 million USD integrated water management and development project. This was revealed during the advocacy and awareness creation workshop organized by the ministry of water and environment on Thursday December 9,2021 at Kiryandongo community technology access center. Out of the 280 million USD, Kiryandongo will receive 4.6 million USD solar powered piped water system.

The project aims at improving access to clean water supply and sanitation services in small towns and rural growth centers in 8 refugee hosting districts as well as supporting water and sanitation services in urban centers, water resource management and institutional strengthening of the beneficiary districts. Upon completion, the project is estimated to serve 1.4 million people in beneficiary districts of Uganda.

Three rural growth centers of Mutunda, Gaspa and Nyakabaale in Kiryandongo district have been identified to benefit from the integrated water management and development project. The project will deliver 3 solar powered piped water systems with 29.4 Km for Mutunda, 17.92 Km for Gaspa and 14.11 Km for Nyakabaale as distribution networks. Each of the three rural growth centers will also have an intensification network of 12 Kms. The project will also provide 3 water borne toilets at the three rural growth centers and seven 5 stance VIP latrines at various schools in the district as well as 110 public stand posts.

The 2020 Kiryandongo district sanitation baseline survey revealed an improvement in latrine and hand washing facilities from 72% and 30.1% to 74% and 31.6% respectively in financial year 2019/2020.The survey focused on schools, household sanitation and hygiene as well as water sources to determine their functionality.

The project is expected to be complete by July 2023 and this will help in addressing the water and sanitation problems in the district.

Friday, December 10, 2021