Kiryandongo Is Our New Home; Bududa Community Assures Minister Ecweru

The Bududa community who were resettled in Kiryandongo district following the 2010 landslides in Bududa have assured the minister for disaster preparedness Musa Ecweru of their happy stay and existence in KIryandongo district. This was during an impromptu visit by the minister to Bududa community on Tuesday 30th October 2018 at Panyadoli Hills primary school to find out if the allegations that the people who were resettled went back to their initial home area Bududa.

Julius Weleka the Chairman LC1 Panyadoli A where the people of Bududa says that those who claim that the Baduda went back have their own intentions and he refutes those allegations. He adds that more people totaling to over 300 later joined them on their own adding on the 603 households which were resettled and called upon the Office of the Prime Minister to think of catering for those who joined later. “Honorable minister we assure you that those who think we cannot talk for ourselves that they will talk for us that we have run away, please if they are there, they are listening please let them work for their own people because we are no longer people of Bududa, we are people of Kiryandongo, we have our own member of parliament, we have our own district, we have leaders who can work on our problems and we are happy the district is with us and they continue to support us.” Weleka said.

According to David Wamburu Wasikye the Chief Administrative Officer Kiryandongo, the Baduda were well received by the community and are now part of Kiryandongo district. Wamburu appreciated the government of Uganda for the various interventions to support the Bududa community in Kiryandongo. He adds that the district with in its resources available has incorporated the Bududa community into the service delivery mechanism and this has caused an increase in demand for service delivery in areas of education and health.

Reverend Edward Kiirya the District Education Officer Kiryandongo expressed the high teacher ratio concern in the area especially at Panyadoli Hills primary school which has only 29 teachers with only 10 on government payroll against 1600 pupils.

Edith Aliguma Adyeri the District Vice Chairperson noted with concern that Kiryandongo has faced hard time to satisfy a very big community of Bududa which has not been planned for. “as you are aware that the government works on a planned and known population. We have people who have not been planned for especially those who followed the 603 households.” Said Aliguma. She requested the central government to allocate more funds for Kiryandongo during planning given the dynamics.

Musa Ecweru the honorable minister for disaster preparedness thanked Kiryandongo district local government for being hospitable to the extent that when Kiryandongo was selected to host the people of Bududa in 2010, the council did not subject the office of the prime minister to debate but accepted to host them. Ecweru noted that the Baduda have a lot of challenges in their stay at Kiryandongo and they will overcome but unfortunately there are some people who are complicating the ability of the ministry to solve the challenges. “there are some people who are complicating our ability to solve these problems and I want to tell you with a very heavy heart that some of these people are our own and some are leaders from mountain Elgon region. They have repeatedly insisted that all the 603 households you took to Kiryandongo have run away.” Said Ecweru.

Minister Ecweru promised to work hard and ensure the Baduda in Panyadoli are supported and will not think of those alleging that the people went back to Bududa. “my assurance to you people of Panyadoli I have come on behalf of the government of Uganda, from now onwards forget about those who are saying you are not here. I am going to work as if those people don’t exist.” He also thanked the Baduda for being hard working people and law abiding given the fact that the crime rate in Bududa community is very low.

Ecweru asked the people of Bududa community to embrace modern family planning methods so as to ensure the well-being of their children.

Thursday, November 1, 2018