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The Third District Development Plan (DDPIII) focuses on building a modern, people centered, independent, integrated, resilient and self-sustaining economy.

DDPIII aims at harnessing both government and private sector strengths, in a mixed economy approach, to grow the economy of the District through domestic production of goods and services of at least the basic necessities of livelihood; food, clothing, shelter, medicines, security, infrastructure, health, education and services.

DDPIII consolidates the achievements of the previous Plans notably in the areas of improved infrastructure and expansion of access to social services in the areas of roads, health and education. A firm foundation for socioeconomic transformation has been laid.

DDPIII will build on this progress by enhancing value addition in Agriculture which is essential to livelihood of the people of Kiryandongo District and has the highest potential to generate employment for our people. By the end of the Plan, effective implementation of the programmes is expected to lead to; increased income for households, lowering the poverty rate, and further improvement in health and education outcomes of the population.

  1. achievement of the socioeconomic transformation aspirations is a concerted and collective effort. I urge all the people of Kiryandongo District including those outside the District to seize the investment opportunities outlined in this Plan. Particularly, the Private Sector, Civil Society, Youth, Cultural Institutions, Faith-Based Organizations, and Development Partners have a significant role to play in the realization of the development aspirations. Leaders, policy makers and implementers should have the right attitude for effective and efficient service delivery and support to implementation. Similarly, the general public should have a positive mind-set towards the Plan for its successful implementation.

With the assurance of sustained peace, stability, good-governance and cooperation with other Districts, which are very essential in development, we shall realize the goal of this Plan.

I wish to appreciate Council of Kiryandongo District, Civil Society and Development Partners for their contribution towards the preparation of this Plan and to urge a collective dedication to the realization of its noble objectives for the benefit of the people of Kiryandongo District.