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Kiryandongo Calls for Support to the General Hospital

The chairman LCV Kiryandongo District, Charles Ntairehoki has called upon the Ministry of health and the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development to intervene immediately and respond to the shortages caused by the tragic accident which occurred on Friday 25th May 2018 at Nanda in Kiryandongo District.

The chairman noted that the theatre, surgical and casualty wards were greatly affected in terms of supplies. All medicines and supplies such as gloves, antibiotics, IV fluids and fuel were used during an emergency.

Inadequate staffing is another issue raised for immediate address because the hospital needs more specialized cadres to handle situations of emergency and accidents.

He further expressed a concern about the black spots between Kafu and Karuma along the Gulu highway which are becoming accident points which needs immediate attention of UNRA to put humps so as to limit speed of motorists.

The black spots include Masindi Port, Wakisanyi, Jeja, Kigumba, and Kiryandongo Town council, Chopelwo, Nanda, Diima, Katulikire, Kitaleba and Kicwabugingo.

The chairman has given Uganda National Roads Authority, UNRA an ultimatum of one month to put the humps at the identified black spots or else the community will be mobilized and humps put.

However, the chairman thanked the President of Uganda for being passionate to the lives of the survivors and the families of the deceased by offering them 3 and 5million shillings respectively. The District General hospital staff and the Security committee were also thanked for the timely intervention as well as the refugee settlement which offered ambulances and other facilities.

Hon. Charles Ntairehoki addressing the media

Tuesday, May 29, 2018