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Kiryandongo District staff have bid farewell to the retired DHO Dr. Mutyaba Imaam who attained mandatory retirement age on November 30,2023. Dr. Mutyaba has been the DHO of Kiryandongo since its inception in July 2010. He joined service in 1990 as a dental surgeon in Masindi and in 2006 he was promoted to a medical superintendent of Masindi General hospital. Dr. Mutyaba later joined Kiryandongo District on cross transfer in 2010 as a DHO- the position he has held until his retirement.

In 2000, Dr. Mutyaba was recognised as the employee of the year following his tireless efforts in the fight against the deadly Ebola Virus Disease.

Dr. Betty Nsangi Baylor Uganda Regional coordinator Bunyoro commended Dr. Mutyaba for his reception to partners which has enabled them to work closely and deliver services. Dr. Mutyaba has been representing all the DHO s of Bunyoro on the Regional steering committee of Baylor Uganda.

Dr. Mutyaba called upon the District leadership to work hard and improve the staffing level of health workers which averagely stands at 18%. He also glorified God for enabling him serve Uganda for over 30 years without interdiction. Dr. Mutyaba added that he was honoured to be the first DHO of Kiryandongo. “Kiryandongo had areas whose children had never received any vaccination especially Kimogora which was hard to reach but I organised my health workers and facilitated them to go and carry out health outreaches.” Said Dr. Mutyaba.

Dr. Mutyaba also shared his experience in 2000 when he interfaced with Ebola Virus Disease when other health workers shunned work. “When Ebola broke out, many health workers shunned work. There was no one to help even after increasing risk allowance.” Said Dr. Mutyaba.

However, Mutyaba's kindness and bravery during the fight against Ebola earned him a scholarship in Europe to study tropical medicine- a course which helped him grow Career wise to the rank of DHO.

ADHO- MCH Christine Adar Who has been assigned to care take as DHO as called upon all the technical staff and political leaders to accord her all the necessary support and guidance during her tenure so as to deliver health services to the people of Kiryandongo.

Martin Jacan Gwokto described Dr. Mutyaba as a hardworking and dedicated civil servant who has offered his services to the health sector tirelessly. Gwokto also commended him for his high level integrity and punctuality.

Called upon all the staff to support the caretaker DHO to deliver effectively. He also thanked the political leadership for creating a conducive environment which has enabled Kiryandongo excel in service delivery.

Edith Aliguma Adyeri the District chairman commended Dr. Imaam for his lobbying skills which brought on board a number of development partners who contribute to health service delivery. She also appreciated Dr. Mutyaba’s family for taking care of him during his tenure as DHO.

Jonathan Akweteireho the Deputy RDC described Dr. Mutyaba as a man of high calibre whom he has known for 15 years. “I have known Dr. Mutyaba for 15 years right from when I was still a journalist. At one time, there was a commission of inquiry investigating public officers in Masindi but Dr. Mutyaba’s name never surfaced anywhere because of his values and integrity.” said Akweteireho.

During his tenure as the DHO, Dr. Mutyaba has enabled all government lower level health facilities to be in position to carry out maternal services. He has also improved the status of Kiryandongo hospital which is ranked as number 10 in Uganda.


Thursday, January 18, 2024