Kiryandongo Benefits From Solar Powered Mini-Piped Water Schemes

The Ministry of Water and Environment has setup solar powered mini-piped water schemes in rural trading centers of Kiryandongo district.
The project which is funded by African Development Bank and directly implemented by the Ministry of Water and Environment is aimed at increasing access to clean water and reducing congestion at the boreholes in trading centers with concentrated community.
Two rural trading centers in Kiryandongo have benefitted from this project with Kalwara being the first and Apodorwa trading centre.
The Kalwara water scheme has three tap stands and expansion of the project to further distances will be thought of as this is a pilot scheme.
According to Joseph Candia the Assistant Engineering Officer-Water Kiryandongo, solar piped water system is a strategic direction the ministry of water and environment is undertaking in a bid to increase access to clean water in rural areas which are not on the National water and sewage corporation grid.
The water is pumped from the boreholes into the water reservoirs and later flows to the taps under the influence of gravity.

Thursday, January 24, 2019