Kiryandongo Authorities Monitor Unicef Funded Projects

Kiryandongo district authorities have monitored 1.42 billion water and sanitation projects funded by UNICEF in six primary schools of Kitwara, Kitongozi, Katulikire, Opok, Nanda and Tecwa.

Upon completion, the projects will deliver a total of 66 stances pit latrines and clean piped water for six schools and the neighboring communities. This will help improve sanitation in schools and communities a key factor in controlling preventable diseases such as diarrhea. The female stances have been designed to have an incinerator and a washroom to cater for girls during their menstruation.

The LCV chairman Kiryandongo Charles Ntairehoki asked Davis & Shirtlif one of the contractors to ensure there is value for money reflected in the quality of work executed.

According to Joseph Candia, the Assistant Engineering Officer-Water, the existing boreholes at schools will be motorized to provide piped water to both the communities and schools.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021