559 Million Shillings Nusaf 3 Projects Launched

Authorities in Kiryandongo district have launched multi-million labour intensive public works and improved household investment support projects in four watersheds of Kigumba and Masindi port sub counties under the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund III. The labour intensive public works launched on Monday November 18,2019 include Kigangara-Mpumwe and Kinagirana-Kyamugenyi community access roads in Titi watershed,Kaduku health centre II and Kaduku II-Atura community access roads in Kinyonga-Kaduku watershed and Masindi port market stalls at a total cost of Uganda shillings 291,400,000/= while the improved household investment support projects include Ox-traction for cassava and beans as well as sunflower growing in Nyakafunjo and Nyama watersheds in Kigumba subcounty at a total of shillings 267,750,000/=.
According to Geofrey Dabanja the District Community Development Officer Kiryandongo, the NUSAF3 labour intensive public works projects are aimed at improving the livelihoods of the people by supporting them to do the work with the money which would have been used to facilitate road works using machines. Dabanja asked the members of the beneficiary groups to take advantage of the savings and inter loaning components of the projects to get out of poverty.
While addressing the people who had gathered at Mboira Primary school in Kigumba subcounty, Charles Ntairehoki the district chairman called upon the beneficiaries to make good use of ox-traction to improve on food security and nutrition. He also asked the beneficiaries to always seek services from extension workers within their sub counties so as to ensure the bulls are healthy. “The government has given you bulls and they plough in pairs, if one dies the other can’t plough alone and don’t expect government to add you more after mismanaging those ones.” Ntairehoki advised.
Peter Debele the RDC Kiryandongo called upon the livestock farmers to ensure their animals do not destroy people’s crops and asked them to desist from moving the cows on the roads so as to ensure their durability.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019