258 Million Shillings Nusaf 3 Labour Intensive Roads Launched

Authorities in Kiryandongo district have launched 12.1 kilometers road network in two watersheds under the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF 3) in Masindi Port and Kiryandongo sub-counties.
The roads launched are 4.5 Km Diika-Kihuura in Siriba watershed at 78 million shillings, 3.5 Km Kaduku I-Kyakuhaire at 90 million shillings in Kinyonga-Kaduku watershed and 4.1 Km Kaduku II-Kaduku hill community access roads.
The road works under NUSAF 3 are labour intensive and intended to improve the welfare of the surrounding community. The Diika-Kihuura road has employed 131 people including 64 women and 18 elderly whereas Kaduku I-Kyakuhaire and Kaduku II-Kaduku hill roads have employed 375 people from the community of which 186 are women.
However, gravelling will be done using the road equipment at the district and the Resident District Commissioner Peter Debele asked the community to provide murram so as the roads are improved. “The president has sent you money to work on your roads, is it really fair to buy murram?” Peter Debele asked.
The workers will be paid 5500/= per day, paid every after two weeks and they are encouraged to save 30% and the works are to be completed within 54 days.
Charles Ntairehoki Amooti the District chairman commended the women for participating in this project and asked them to embrace saving so as they improve on the livelihood of their families. He also thanked the government of Uganda for having made Kiryandongo part of NUSAF program.
Upon completion the roads will ease access to schools, markets and health centers.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019