10% On Land Sale Is Illegal, RDC Warns L.C.1 Chairpersons

The resident district commissioner Kiryandongo Peter Debele has warned the local councils against charging 10% on land sales which has led to an increase in land cases.
The RDC said that during a community sensitization meeting held at Katamarwa primary school in Kigumba sub-county on February 15, 2019. The meeting aimed at sensitizing the community about the Uganda Multi-sectoral Food and Nutrition Project which is funded by world bank so as to reduce mal-nutrition among the children.
While addressing the residents, the RDC said 10% on land sale is a corruption tendency which has encouraged land grabbing in Kiryandongo district and it is not cited anywhere in the laws, policies and regulations of Uganda.
Debele added that among the many land cases in his office, the local councils have been cited out as key in selling and marketing people’s land and promised to act if they don’t stop extorting money from the people during land sale.
He also advised the people to be very careful when buying land and ensure that the seller is the rightful owner in the presence of all the neighbors.
During the same meeting, Debele asked the men to support their wives in looking after the family and raising the children and warned against the practice of allowing children go to disco halls. “We are not going to allow one person to ruin the future of the children because he is operating a disco hall to make money. How do I start telling parents to send children to school when they have slept in disco? I don’t want to hear of any disco hall operating and they must close with immediate effect.” Debele said.

Friday, February 15, 2019